We are;

The Corry boys

Musicians, Luthiers


About us

Around 10 years ago we first saw an old time fiddle concert, Samuel asked Mum for "one of those" and lessons. We started fiddle lessons about a month later. In 2010 we started attending fiddle camps first throughout the province and then across Canada.

Fiddle contests for us started about the same time - first starting in northern Alberta and expanding into Saskatchewan & Ontario more recently.


Music! (More Coming soon)

This track was recorded live in Strome Alberta at a show in May 2019 with our friend Ethan Harty. It is one of the concept tracks for a new album.

Let us know what you think!

We have been enjoying branching out musically over the past few years into Bluegrass, Celtic, Americana/Folk & Singer-Songwriter genres.

Our new focus is on what we call "Trad Party Music". This style, originating from both Irish pub and Traditional dance music, brings fiddle music to front and centre of the party.



Firecracker Playing!
— Caleb Gallant (Ten Strings and an Goat Skin)

Instagram: @thecorryboys


Grand north american Junior champion


2012 & 2016

Grand north american twin junior champions

Samuel & Jackson

2015 & 2016

Southern ontario fiddle championship-Twin

Samuel & Jackson 3rd place

2016, 2017, 2018

Grand north american youth

Jackson 2nd place

2015 & 2016

Samuel 1st place 2018

Prarie west fiddle contest

Pure'laine Champion 2018 - Jackson

Music has been everything to us,
We hope that we have contributed to music also.
— Jackson & Samuel

Past performance highlights


The Clair Lynch Band.

Greg Blake Band.

J.P. Cormier.


Blueberry Bluegrass Festival.

Big Valley Jamboree.

Victoria Bluegrass Society.

Harvest Sun Music Festival, Kelwood, MB.

The Hero's Journey Music Festival.

Unidentified Rest Stop - Somewhere in California.


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