Jackson Corry Luthier.


A maker and repairer of stringed instruments.

Luthier is my dream job, working with instruments, both making music with them and building and repairing them is my passion.

My first Guitar; " Emmaus ".

My first Guitar; "Emmaus".

In the summer of 2015 I reached a long-term goal of mine; To build a violin.

It was a kit from a luthier supply company, once it was finished I was reasonably happy with it, however I wanted to learn more.  On August 31st I arrived at The Timeless Instruments School of Luthier for an incredible 7 week experience.

I studied guitar building and repairing at the school and came out with a great guitar I designed and built from scratch.

Since then I have been studying the art of violin & guitar repair at one of Alberta’s top shops, as well as Archeteir (Bow making).

I repair stringed instruments as well as build when I have the time.


I would love to talk to you about your instrument needs,

You can contact me below;

Ghost river guitars.



Rocky mountain Banjo Co.




Current Location

Red Deer, AB

Projects of interest

*Building a Harp

*The restoration of a fretless banjo (Complete! —Photos coming soon)


The wood will always be smarter than you, your job is to convince the wood, not dominate it.