The first post.

Well, I wanted to have a fantastic first post that would outline the topic of this blog, draw you folks in, and be entertaining. 

However, I realized that by wanting this post and the blog to be perfect I was only procrastinating and delaying the fantastic potential in our blog. 

To start off with how about a cursory list of potential topics;

  • Busking
  • How to encourage the arts
  • How to make money playing music (still haven't figured that out)
  • How to practice
  • The good and evil of the internet
  • Fiddle contests
  • How to build community through music
  • What we are listening to
  • Great books relating to music
  • Bending genre 
  • Fiddle tune history...


Feel free to let us know what you are looking forward to.


PS. Take that Uncle Rob. We now have a post.